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日日橹狠狠爱欧美视频A career is a path — and it doesn’t always move?neatly from point A to B. While it’s never too early to start thinking about a career, your first year or two at NC State are the ideal time to explore your options and find the major that will best prepare you for a rewarding career.

Below, find links to resources that will help you choose an academic major that complements your career choice. And if you don’t really know yet what path your career will take, career counselors and Peer Ambassadors can help you better understand your values, beliefs and abilities — so you can choose a major that plays to your innate strengths and character.

日日橹狠狠爱欧美视频When the time is right, career counselors can help you create a strong resume, conduct an effective job search, prepare for job interviews and contact and meet potential employers through internships, co-ops and at onsite career fairs.

Selecting a Path

can help you choose an academic major or career, create a strong resume, conduct an effective job search, prepare for job interviews and take advantage of NC State resources in contacting and meeting potential employers.

日日橹狠狠爱欧美视频 can provide you with academic information that may affect your academic major or career choices. Both virtual and face-to-face cross-curricular advising is available.

日日橹狠狠爱欧美视频 is an on-line tool that helps you evaluate the types of careers that specific majors lead you toward as well as explore which major or career may be right for you.

日日橹狠狠爱欧美视频If you’re planning to stay in academia, but would like guidance on the funding options available to you, visit for information about fellowships and scholarships that let you work or study in the U.S. and abroad, or how to finance research and travel.

Investigate Before You Commit

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself what it’s like to work in a particular field or discipline, check out our for information about working for up to one full year in a relevant occupation—learning firsthand what challenges and motivates professionals in your chosen field. Not only is a co-op good for your resume, but you may find you have a job offer upon graduation.

are often available in specific colleges or departments, giving you a firsthand look at academic areas that interest you.

offers volunteer positions and internship opportunities for students seeking leadership experience with a service-oriented focus.

provides undergraduates with stipends and other support as they conduct and present topical research alongside proven scholars, experts and professionals in their field.

ROTC Programs can help you decide if a military career in the , , or Air Force ROTC日日橹狠狠爱欧美视频 is right for you.

Quick Facts

日日橹狠狠爱欧美视频Cooperative Education at NC State is one of the largest co-op programs in the nation, with more than 1,000 work rotations a year placed in a variety of fields with employers across America.

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Great Perks for New Grads

The University Career Development Center recently hosted 11 of the 20 companies Fortune日日橹狠狠爱欧美视频 magazine named among those that offer impressive perks to new hires just out of college.

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